Babe Effect

Spanning decades and vast emotional terrain, Babe Effect chronicles my personal journey in search of fulfillment. Our lives are a collection of stories and the way we tell them shapes how we feel and what we experience. After twenty years developing effective brand stories for businesses and entrepreneurs, I am inspired to model the art of storytelling as our most powerful and important tool for defining and creating fulfilling lives.
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“Last night I was mesmerized by babe effect. I read until it was time to go to bed, laid down, then wide awake, rose and finished it. I can't express my reaction without tears. You have bravely shared an intensely personal, yet universal transformation. I completely connect with it—the search for soul and satisfaction and health. I'll wager that the mark of your great and honest writing is that every reader will identify with it just as deeply. It sure makes me examine my own entrapments, and question when I am going to start living authentically. What a great challenge to throw down!"

The Poetry of Dementia

A timeless tale of embracing forgiveness, discovering love and learning to let go, The Poetry of Dementia shares my family’s journey with my mother’s illness as a collection of moments—a poem for each day, written the last year of her life. Read the collection.

You capture every day the beauty of life which includes its demise in such a way that lifts the sadness of the end from a dark place and tells us that the soul transcends."